AR15 lower receiver setup with options.


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AR-15 Lower Receivers?

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Who makes the best receiver?

Which receiver is the best?

Which receiver is the highest quality?

Of course the answer is that all of them are pretty much the same. The actual brand of receiver means little to nothing. When deciding on which receiver you should purchase you should take into consideration two factors. Price and manufacturer reputation.  Of course if price is not an object, get the receiver that has the logo or emblem that you want. I know that is superficial, but the best receiver really boils down to the one you like the best.

There are currently many manufacturers that produce lower receivers for the AR market. That being said, there are some that receive orders from many licensed manufacturers who obtain an ATF variance to have them cut and logo engraved onto the receivers on their behalf.  The list of who makes what for who has changed so much over the years that we have not been able to keep up, however, there may be a list out there somewhere.