Buttstocks For the AR-15 and M-16 rifles

Magpul M-95 PRS buttstock Shown in picture above

Buttstocks for the AR-15 and M-16 rifles.  Please note: Some buffer tubes are made Mil-Spec some are made Commercial Spec,  The difference is the diameter.  Mil-Spec tubes are thin walled tubes and commercial tubes are made thicker.  Again the inner diameter is the same, the outer diameter is slightly different.  Most buttstocks are made with tolerances to commercial spec tubes, however, some will require Mil-Spec tubes.  Buttstocks will be marked for either Mil-Spec or Commercial diameter so customers will know the difference.  Buffers and springs are made to fit both however for slower cyclic rates a heavier buffer would be a better choice.  We carry buttstocks from a variety of manufacturers and should have them listed by manufacturer soon.

Standard A-2 Buttstock Assembly

Tactical Shorty buttstock

ARM-4 6 position M-4 style buttstock

AR15 M16 M-4 style 6 position telescoping buttstock with Mil-Spec tube

AR 15 M 16 M-4 style fixed position (post ban) buttstock.

ACE Skeleton Buttstock

ACE Skeleton Buttstock CAR Length

M4 SOCOM Buttstock

ACE M4 SOCOM Buttstock Long Length

VLTOR Clubfoot Modular Rifle Buttstocks