.308 7.62 X 51 80% complete Lower Receiver DPMS LR308 style.

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.308 7.62 X 51 80% complete Lower Receiver DPMS LR308 style  These are made for the DPMS Compatible style AR-10.  This 80% lower also uses the same lower Receiver fire control kit as the AR-15 and are found HERE.

NOW MADE FROM 7075 T6 Aluminum Billet.

.308 7.62 X 51 80% complete Lower Receiver DPMS LR308 style.

Lower receivers that are nearly complete and only require

1.  Milling out of the receiver interior  2.  Cutting of the trigger slot  3.  Drilling of the trigger pin hole

4.  Drilling of the hammer pin hole.  5   Drilling of the selector hole.

Completed areas:  Buffer tube area complete and threaded, detent pin holes drilled for both front pivot pin and rear takedown pin.  Magwell completely finished.  Pistol grip area finished with selector detent pin hole drilled, and threaded pistol grip screw hole.  Mag Catch and bolt catch area finished.  Selector markings.  Trigger guard holes finished.  Everything that is finished is to specification.   

** includes 2 set screws and pins for bolt catch pivot and rear takedown pin detent.

 AR-10 threaded buffer tube areaAR-10 lower receiver pistol grip

AR-10 trigger areaAR10 bolt catch

AR10 top viewAR10 mag catch

AR10 mag wellmagazine catch

AR-10 bolt catch

 Lower Parts kits .308 7.62 X 51 80% complete Lower Receiver DPMS LR308 style Here